ColorWave 3000 series

Built for Excellence.

Flexible large format colour printing: inspires confidence with its highly secure, convenient operation, and reliable high-quality output.

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ColorWave 3000 series

Built for Excellence

Print high-quality output in colour and monochrome, on a wide range of media. The ColorWave 3000 series offers rock-solid reliability and unparalleled ease of use. Confidently print high-quality graphics and technical documents. Enjoy a robust printer that will offer reliable, high-productivity for years to come.

Joy to work with

The ColorWave 3000 series offers hassle-free operation and high print quality in a sustainable, cost-effective solution. It is built for productivity: equipped with smart, time-saving innovations and easy-to-use functionalities that reduce misprints.

Flexible choice

Print on a broad range of media, offering an extensive variety of applications: from high-quality technical documents, to full-colour graphics. It supports you whatever your need: whether you are printing monochrome or colour, this system does it all. It's built for robust, safe printing for years on end.

Inspires confidence

Based on over 10 years of proven technology, the ColorWave 3000 inspires confidence with its convenient operation, high print quality and outstanding reliability. With SMARTshield security you can rest assured your data is protected in all phases of the print process.


ColorWave 3000 series range

Optional peripherals

Scanner Professional

Scanner Professional

Scanner Professional, productive standalone 48 bit color scanner with 1200x1200 dpi CCD technology (9600x9600 dpi interpolated), 22 inch touchscreen, powerful embedded Linux controller and 23 meter/min scan speed.

Stacker Select

Stacker Select

Stacker Select, up to 400 sheets capacity. Increase your delivery capacity up to 500 sheets.

Folder Express

Folder Express

Realise professional, folded drawings – fast and effortlessly – with the fully integrated Folder Express 3011.

Folder Professional

Folder Professional

The Folder Professional 6011/6013 is ideal for CAD and GIS prints. With high productivity and reliability, it is the ideal partner for a seamless end-to-end workflow.

ColorWave 3000 series

ColorWave 3000 series

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Suite of security features embedded in the total print workflow of the latest PlotWave and ColorWave systems.
Designed to keep your systems safe: today and in the future.

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Highly reliable technology

CrystalPoint technology combines the best of the world of toner and inkjet, providing consistent high quality output, independent of media. Extend your application range with media of up to 800 µm thickness. MediaSense automatically adjusts the print gap, for optimal print quality on media of any thickness.

Highly reliable technology


Print from any application, mobile device, or web browser. The ClearConnect suite provides an easy workflow for individual print jobs as well as for complex multi-file document sets.


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