How did they win that?

Last month the winners of our You Connect Gallery competition were announced with the judges describing why these were the winning photos. This month we have asked the winners to describe how they took they photos.

Journey, You Connect member Aaron Cheeseman, Canon EOS 7D

I was kindly allowed to use an old double-decker bus for the shoot which created an ideal atmosphere. I have worked with the model before so she understood the mood I was after. As time was limited I had planned storyboards for some shots; I find that ideas can get lost on the day with everything that is going on. Although the bus wasn’t the most attractive thing, the mud splatter on the window together with the reflection of the sun going down on the houses gave a nice shot with the model gazing into the distance.”

Dandelion seed, You Connect member Séverine Blaise, EOS 60D

“I placed the dandelion seed on a piece of glass which I had covered in hair gel. Underneath was coloured wrapping paper. My EOS 60D was on a tripod and the mirror locked-up. Lighting was from a large bay window with no flash as that would have reflected off the glass. The lens was an EF 70-300mm f/4-5.6 IS USM fitted with both and Extension Tube and a Type 500D Close-Up Lens.” 

Death in Venice, You Connect member Roberto Mignanego,
Canon EOS 30

“I was passing a group of children who were watching their teacher and I was struck by the look on this little girl’s face. It was the contrast between her youth and the adult expression. Whilst I normally use a digital camera, I like to use my EOS 30 and black & white film for fun.”

If you weren’t one of the winners or featured in the Gallery then this month’s Tutorial is for you. It covers the topics that the Gallery judges consider when selecting images. So read the Tutorial, then visit the Gallery and upload your photos. 

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