CapturePerfect SDK: a profitable opportunity for software developers

CapturePerfect SDK (Software Developers Kit) is a practical tool that allows software developers to utilise the functions and features of CapturePerfect for clients. It's highly cost effective, easy to use and compatible with all DR scanners. It has a quick development cycle and - as it is based on the CapturePerfect software platform - requires no specialised knowledge of complex scanner controls.

Canon DR scanners cover a wide customer base, providing you with a profitable opportunity to help companies automate and optimise their entire scanning process. All it takes is CapturePerfect SDK, working in conjunction with Microsoft Developer Tools, to create perfect customised solutions. Your clients save significant time and effort and - thanks to the full functionality, flexibility and simplicity of CapturePerfect SDK - so do you. Applications are royalty-free.

To access further details of CapturePerfect SDK, you can join the Business Solutions Developer Programme here.

Brochure [PDF, 267 KB]