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With Canon’s cost-effective iWAM MEAP software solution, you get closer print control, through a true understanding of your office devices.

iWAM MEAP gives you a detailed analysis of printing, copying, faxing and scanning activities, allowing you to control office output, re-educate your staff and implement cost reduction policies.

Control costs while creating captivating communications
With iWAM MEAP, it's easy to keep costs under control and still allow your communications to have professionalism and visual impact.

Start using it immediately
iWAM MEAP records every job, so you can assess the number of pages produced, the size and type of job; by department, user or device. Because it integrates straight into any MEAP-enabled Canon print device, there are no servers or IT resources required. You can begin to reduce expenditure the moment iWAM MEAP is installed, and yet still maximise the impact of your printing.

Useful Downloads
iWAM MEAP Brochure
Управление документооборотом
Распределение документов
Безопасность данных
Управление печатью и устройствами
Управление цветопередачей
Рабочие процессы
Печать переменных данных
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