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When staff spend 54% of their time trying to find information, it's not only frustrating, it's a drain on productivity. The ADOS solution from Canon quickly improves efficiency with an easy-to-implement document management system, giving everyone instant and secure access to all the information they need.

Easy filing the ADOS way

ADOS enables you to structure all of your business-critical information. With it, you can search, retrieve, view, sort, group and distribute documents; you can instantly capture, organise and access any content as well as design automated workflows in order to streamline critical business processes. ADOS is easy to use, meaning that staff require minimal training and resulting in a far more efficient way of working.

Electronically file all types of information
With ADOS, format and source aren't issues. Everything is effortlessly manageable.

Regulatory Compliance
To help your business meet document compliance regulations, the ADOS server automatically applies a digital signature to every document.

Fit for your business
ADOS is totally scalable. With no customisation or programming required it can be typically implemented in no more than a week including full training. Administrators can be assigned to centrally configure and define business rules.

*ADOS is currently rebranding as Therefore™.  Details can be found at www.therefore.net. Look out for news about the new look and feel, and new features which further enhance productivity in the workplace.

Useful Downloads
ADOS Brochure
Управление документооборотом
Распределение документов
Безопасность данных
Управление печатью и устройствами
Управление цветопередачей
Рабочие процессы
Печать переменных данных
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