Serial Commands

The downloads below give the serial commands necessary for setting up remote control of the projector via a local area network (LAN). Serial codes differ according to the model in use

LV-8320 Basic [PDF, 232 KB]
LV-8320 Extended [PDF, 450 KB]
LV-8310, LV-8215, LV-7385, LV-7380, LV-7285 and LV-7280 [PDF, 135 KB]
LV-7590 Basic [PDF, 177 KB]
LV-7590 Extended [PDF, 444 KB]
LV-7575 Basic [PDF, 178 KB]
LV-7575 Extended [PDF, 377 KB]
LV-7490 Basic [PDF, 254 KB]
LV-7490 Extended [PDF, 393 KB]
LV-7290, LV-7295, LV-7390, LV-8225 Basic [PDF, 254 KB]
LV-7290, LV-7295, LV-7390, LV-8225 Extended [PDF, 390 KB]
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Serial Commands
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