Canon FPA-6300ESW KrF scanner

Wide-field lens for precision across a larger exposure area.

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Cropped front view - Canon FPA-6300ESW KrF scanner

33 x 42.2 mm

exposure area in one shot


projection magnification

130 nm

image resolution


options to expand production

Full-size CMOS image sensor exposure without stitching

Improve productivity and overlay accuracy with advanced technology. The Canon FPA-6300ESW is the only scanner in the world that can handle a full-size CMOS image sensor without having to stitch multiple exposures.

Fast and reliable

Ultra-efficient output and unrivalled automation increase productivity and save costs.

Proven popularity

Similar to the proven FPA-6300ES6a series to support front-end-of-the-line (FEOL) processes.

Scalable platform

Achieve greater improvements in productivity and accuracy with field upgrade plans.

Front view - Canon FPA-6300ESW KrF scanner

Product Specifications


≤ 130 nm

Wafer size

300 mm

Exposure area

33mm x 42.2mm

Reticle size

6 in.

Overlay accuracy

≤ 9 nm

Numerical Aperture (NA)

0.45 ~ 0.70

Full view - Canon FPA-6300ESW KrF scanner
Discover how the Canon FPA-6300ESW KrF scanner can boost your business productivity

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