Canon FPA-3030EX6 KrF Stepper

An excimer laser stepper designed for IoT1 and power devices.

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Cropped front view - Canon FPA-3030EX6 KrF scanner

≦ 150 nm


22 mm x 22 mm

exposure area

≦ 25 nm (|m| + 3σ)

overlay accuracy


wafer sizes

High performance KrF excimer laser stepper for IoT devices

Designed for high-productivity manufacture of semiconductors for IoT and power devices, the Canon FPA-3030EX6 is compatible with a variety of special substrates and existing equipment.


Handles substrates of various materials, sizes and thicknesses used for IoT & power devices.

Top performance

Delivering the highest levels of resolution, overlay accuracy, and throughput in its class.

Easy integration

Utilise existing facilities thanks to the FPA-3000EX6-compatible reticles and recipes.

Front view - Canon FPA-3030EX6 KrF scanner

Product Specifications


≦ 150 nm

Wafer size

200 mm; 150 mm; 125 mm; 100 mm

Overlay accuracy

≤25 nm (|m| + 3σ)

Exposure area

22 mm x 22 mm

Reticle size

6 in. (0.25 in. thick)

Reduction ratio


Full view - Canon FPA-3030EX6 KrF scanner
Discover the power of a laser stepper designed for IoT devices

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1. IoT: Internet of Things