The Canon Foundation

Canon Fellows with their certificates at the Regional Fellow Meeting in Berlin, November 2008 The Canon Foundation is an organisation set up in 1987 to enhance cultural and scientific understanding between Japan and Europe.

Each year the foundation awards funding to a small group of European-based postgraduate students to allow research study in Japan for up to a year. Concurrently, Japan-based postgraduates can pursue research studies in Europe. This provides individuals with a unique opportunity to exchange skills and knowledge while fostering cultural understanding between the two regions.

Initially aimed at promoting research in science and technology, the foundation’s support has grown to encompass other academic disciplines and cultural activities. Fellowship research now covers topics as diverse as molecular biology and garden architecture to automotive studies and tribal hunting.

Applying for a fellowship
The annual deadline for research fellowship applications is 15th September each year. Applications in all fields of research are welcome. Candidates are eligible for a ten year period following the successful completion of a PhD or Masters degree. Fellowships are awarded for periods of a minimum three months and maximum one year. Applications can also be submitted by members of commercial, industrial, governmental or professional organisations.

Lecture series
To further stimulate understanding between Europe and Japan, the foundation also hosts an annual lecture series for speakers from the academic world, governments and professional organisations to speak to the international community on topical issues.

History of the foundation
The Canon Foundation was launched in 1987 at our European headquarters to mark our 50th anniversary worldwide and 30th anniversary in Europe. The foundation supports the our corporate philosophy of Kyosei, ‘living and working together for the common good’ and encourages fellows to embody this philosophy.

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